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Why does it seem so hard to help save the planet?
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Climate change is BIG.

We have 51,000,000,000 (that’s billions) tons of CO2 to reduce.

It’s easy to feel small.

Individuals are responsible for ~15 tons/year, but corporations are responsible for millions.
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There's a divide.

People view corporations as obstacles, but how could we work with them to solve this crisis?
Introducing MoneyForGreen
We help consumers and companies make money while saving the planet.

Learn and earn

See a company's impact and push them to commit to reductions while earning cashback!
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Amplify your voice

By joining the MFG community, we can accelerate initiatives that will have millions of tons of impact!

Incentivize real change

Measured by objective data (tons of CO2), the community rewards real action, not greenwashing.
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