We're building a world where people make money for doing the right thing.

We accept the fact that financial incentives make the world go round, but the reason "incentives" gets such a bad rap is that we've all experienced how they're not always crafted in the people's best interest. But incentives aren't set in stone, they're created, and with MoneyForGreen we believe we can create a win-win-win for consumer-citizens, corporations, and governments.

Change might start with individuals, but we need to build up to influence larger organizations. As much as we would love to say if everyone would just recycle, eat less meat, then everything would be okay. It isn't realistic to expect everyone to do so and, to be honest, it isn't going to solve our main problem. Our theory of change is to work with the highest emitters to create a race to net-zero by incentivizing further ESG commitments. The average person (in the US) is responsible for about 16 tons of CO2 a year, and our voluntary choices will amount to a fraction of that. While we should all strive to live more sustainably, the companies we use everyday — whether we want to or because we have no other choice — emit many millions of tons a year. They know they need to change, but also realistically they are a business, so that's where we work together. Our support is their lifeline, and we have the power to show our support is conditional.


What do I do on MoneyForGreen?

By interacting with companies through MoneyForGreen, you're sending a clear message to companies that their sustainability initiatives really matter. First, you can learn about a company's environmental impact. Then you can take action! Whether by informing their ESG decisions by taking surveys, buying things from companies you would already buy (but through MoneyForGreen), or choosing stay up to date on company environmental impact updates, we're building leverage that real consumers with real concerns really want to exchange Money For Green.

How does MoneyForGreen actually make a difference?

With your help, we in turn work with these companies to help them understand quantitatively that sustainability is not only a moral necessity, but a competitive differentiator that can help them make money, while actually taking action to save the planet. Whether that means helping them commit to renewable energy sources, offer more sustainable products/services, or seriously decarbonize their operations, we can work together with companies to incentivize doing the measurably right things.

How do you get your company profile information?

We want to reward transparency. So first, we begin with companies that have published ESG reports that have been audited by 3rd parties. We then cut through the noise of how they choose to present the data and distill the information from their ESG reports to what we call GOLDEN METRICS, be they kilograms of CO2 emissions, liters of water, etc. By focusing on absolute metrics, instead of misleading percentages or unclear comparisons like "# of olympic sized swimming pools", we make the numbers clear and the opportunity for positive impact apparent. Including information on things like market share and revenue numbers helps put your personal impact by supporting a company into perspective. For companies, that don't share this information, let us know that you want more transparency from a particular company and we'll let them know that our community is too big to ignore!

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